Ali C.
1 min readFeb 2, 2018


When I trip over my face
I will force the world to dance
At dawn
They just laugh
When my heart explodes
Splatters all over the place

Collapse down
On the carpet
It’s rough as always
Faded pink
Almost gray

I will saw off my tongue
If I have one left
It might have fallen off
From lack of use

Life will cut all my cuticles
Every time I don’t speak
But just a little bit
So the skin can’t grow back
So they sting all day long

But a masterpiece could be waiting in the stairwell
To spring out and catch me by the throat
Maybe strangle me
To an inch of death
Until I can’t breathe
Or let go.
So that I build up strength
The next time
I grasp for air
When I’m in the ocean
Salt bites my lungs
But I’ll get above water
And feel so refreshed
I want to do it again
I won’t think, dive back in
Into a pool
Filled with chlorine
It burns and I choke
When I try to get air
But only sputters come out

When the masterpiece comes
I could choke on my hidden tongue



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