when the targeted ads are too real

Ali C.
Aug 20, 2021


I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny. there isn’t some greater insight here other than me trying to share things that make me laugh.

The image below of Sponsored Post on Facebook (dark mode) from The Medical Research Network Facebook page.

The actual ad looks like it links to a website called “mindcare360.com.”

⚠️ Legal Warning: I have not clicked this link so I cannot vouch, nor do I recommend clicking on it! ⚠️

At the time this screenshot was taken, it had:

  • 25 Like and/or Heart reactions

The caption is word-for-word below:

“Clinical social anxiety trials are starting regularly at Medical research Network in New York. Contact us to see if you qualify”

Facebook ad with the description written above. Picture of a sepia-toned pale lady with brown braided hair looking longingly out of a window. The reflections on the window are so bright you cannot see the lady’s full face.

This has now officially been the worst piece of UX writing to ever exist 😂